My Dear Cousin …

I loss a first cousin a week ago and it really hurts.  Gina was younger than me and she was a soft quiet person but I have seen her riled.  I loved my cousin she is part of my childhood memory. You know your young memories are the ones you cherish.   One of my favor aunts is her mother.  My mother has four sisters and Gina’s mom is the baby girl.  I was born and grew up in my grandparents’ home until around 10 or 11 years old.  I remember my youngest aunt and youngest uncle who were still in the home for little while.  Gina was Aunt Kat’s second child.  I have known her all her life.

Recently, Gina was part of the 2016 Family Reunion.  We worked on the reunion a year and half before the reunion. So, I got to know her well.  She was faithful to our meetings. A couple of times she showed up a week early. Smile.  She was a silent wonder.  You look at Gina and realize she got a nice figure and her clothes fit her perfectly. In the past we would commiserate the spoiled uncle/dad.

You see, my Uncle likes to be waited on.  There is nothing wrong with that thinking 50 years ago and that’s what he is use to, being cared for by warm loving wife, my aunt.  And Gina and I are of a different generation mindset.  And, we would laugh about her dad going to cook when he retires.  And sure enough, her dad/my uncle started making breakfast.  Gina, I’m going to miss you and think about you daily.  You are in my heart.

Maybe I wouldn’t have taken Gina’s death so hard if I had not been anticipating my cousin Pauline’s birthday.  October 18th is the first birthday since her death.  Pauline and I hung out since I was 16 years old. She was a year older.   We were cousins on my grandmother’s side and we were also good friends.  Years ago, I broke my leg the day of her 50th birthday party and couldn’t go.  Pauline liked a good party and I was very disappointed I couldn’t go.

In January 2019, we loss Pauline to cancer.   Pauline was a warrior she had heart disease where she needed a mechanical heart, breast cancer and then cancer again.  She told me they sent her home on hospices care.  Very sad time.  Then the day after Pauline’s birthday I get a call that Gina died.  How? When?  Oh no!


Rest with God Gina.  I love you!