Juneteenth National Holiday June 19th

I don’t remember being ask about whether I wanted Juneteenth as a holiday. There was a movement to make this happen and I didn’t know. After the televised murder of George Floyd, white people seem to be looking for a way to make it up to us. There are other ways to say “sorry about George” than creating a new “Black” holiday. How about leveling the playing field in education, mass incarceration of our men, and employment. Its difficult being Black in America.

What is the significants of Juneteenth? President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, stating slaves were freed in the rebellious states. He did this in the third year of the civil war. Texas didn’t inform their slaves until General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas delivering General Order No. 3 on June 19, 1865 freeing all slaves. It’s been rumored the first messenger was killed.

General Gordon Granger

The REAL McCoy

May 2, 1844 – Elijah McCoy is born in Colchester, Ontario, Canada. Elijah was the son of fugitive slaves, George and Mildred McCoy from Kentucky who were helped by the Underground Railroad. He will become a master inventor and holder of over 50 patents. He will be the inventor of a device that allows   machines to be lubricated while they are still in     operation. Machinery buyers insisted on McCoy lubrication systems when buying new machines and will take nothing    less than what becomes known as the “real McCoy.” The inventor’s automatic oiling devices will become so universal that no heavy-duty machinery will be considered adequate without it, and the expression becomes part of America culture.

The New Talk without Sharon

I can’t believe this has happened to one of my favorite shows. The Talk on CBS. Another American-style racial moment exploded while I was watching horrified. Sharon Osbourne of the Talk was under fire for her support of Piers Morgan. Piers Morgan said he didn’t believe Prince Harry’s wife was having mental health issues while living in Royal-dom. And, then out of no where the show went left when Sharon turns from being a white woman with power to a racist attacking Sheryl Underwood who is Black. I heard her say, “… don’t you dare cry.”

Sheryl was the typical Black woman in the workplace who can’t loose her cool. Her voice was calm and at the same time consoling. She was trying to bring calm to a volatile attack by a white co-worker. Sharon was demanding to know when her friend Piers Morgan was racist. Maybe Sharon when Meghan make claim that she felt suicidal and got no help from Buckingham Palace, Piers should have stayed silent or shown sympathy instead of racist hatefulness. Then what did Piers say, “… I’m sorry, I don’t believe a word she said, Meghan Markle. I wouldn’t believe it if she read me a weather report.” excerpt from Variety.com – March 17, 2021. Sharon, in my opinion, you should have defended a person right to have mental health issues not the right to call Meghan a liar. Why would anyone deny someone else the compassion and privacy that’s due any human being who’s suffering.

Sharon Osbourne Under Fire

Sharon Osbourne is under fire for supporting her friend Piers Morgan. Piers Morgan has “Mike Vick” himself with obsessive ugliness towards Prince Harry’s wife Princess Meghan. The outrage is over him not believing she had mental health issues while in the royal palace. This is an example of what some Blacks folks think….

Trouble at the Castle

Did you believe the black princess was really acceptable to The Royal family?

I didn’t believe it. American News media were down playing her being mixed. I started wondering what is she mixed with? Spanish, Egyptian or another flavor of excceptable whiteness?

Oprah Winfrey interviews Prince Harry and Meghan

When they finally announce her father was white and her mother was Black, I knew this was going to get ugly. The UK news media are champs at this kind of ugliness. American news media were probably chuckling to themselves.

It’s a sad situation too. The royal family could’ve been heroes in accepting her graciously into the family. Talk the talk and walk the walk. But, now we all know there are ugly parts to the royal family. To say baby Archie will hold no title especially when he was born a prince is a slap in the face to all Blacks everywhere . He should have the same birthright as Prince Harry’s brother Prince William’s children. Royal isn’t so royal after all. Kudos to Oprah Winfrey for a eye opening interview on racism among the polite.

Confederate Flag

As a Black American I see the Confederate Flag as a direct threat.

June 7, 1998, James Byrd Jr, a Black man 49 years old, tied to the back of a pick up truck and dragged 3 miles. Who did this? Three white men, white supremacist in jasper, Texas. Byrd was alive for 2 miles then his head and arm were decapitated. They left his head at a Black church. The one of the most gruesome racial motivated crimes in US history. How does this relate to the flag? I imagine that pickup truck going fast down that road with Bryd being dragged as the confederate flag attached to truck waving wildly in the wind as the white men yelped and yelled in their thrill ride.

That’s what the flag means to me.

John Robert Thompson Jr – Joined the Ancestors ….

John Robert Thompson Jr

In my 30’s, I remember wanting to be with my man on Saturday’s and Sundays. After all, we worked Monday thru Friday and we enjoyed each other’s company on weekend. His idea of being close was watching basketball on Saturday and football on Sunday. After all, you want to be fair and share his interest. That’s when I became a fan of Patrick Ewing and John Thompson.

John Thompson and Patrick Ewing

John Thompson was coach of Georgetown University Hoyas -men’s basketball . And as a young woman my least favorite sport was basketball but I did enjoy watching Hoyas with Patrick Ewing. Coach Thompson stood 6’10” and would stride the side lines during play – coaching.

Another ugly part of 2020 is saying good bye to Phenomenal people during a world pandemic. Large gatherings are forbidden in communities. But, I had to speak about a great man. John Robert Thompson Jr born September 2,1941 died August 30, 2020 at the age of 78. RWG.