Violence between Trump Supporters and Protesters


Is anyone shocked at the violence.  I could see it coming.  When Trump made statements that border on prejudice and racist this was bound to happen.  How can you run for president and not be inclusive?  Geez, I don’t get the logic in stating “I love the poorly educated.”  Who are the poorly educated?  Is this a political correct term?

Trump and His GOP

I can’t believe what is going on in politics.  Especially, the tomfoolery in the republic party. The republics don’t want Donald Trump as the candidate for president of the United States.  They pulled out their big guns with Mitt Romney champing the parties cause.  He has made it clear they don’t want Donald.  But, he is winning.  It takes 1300 delegates and the count so far is Trump – 329 Cruz -231  Rubio -110  Kasick – 25.  We have a ways to go but trump is winning.  Woe is the republican party!trump