Trouble at the Castle

Did you believe the black princess was really acceptable to The Royal family?

I didn’t believe it. American News media were down playing her being mixed. I started wondering what is she mixed with? Spanish, Egyptian or another flavor of excceptable whiteness?

Oprah Winfrey interviews Prince Harry and Meghan

When they finally announce her father was white and her mother was Black, I knew this was going to get ugly. The UK news media are champs at this kind of ugliness. American news media were probably chuckling to themselves.

It’s a sad situation too. The royal family could’ve been heroes in accepting her graciously into the family. Talk the talk and walk the walk. But, now we all know there are ugly parts to the royal family. To say baby Archie will hold no title especially when he was born a prince is a slap in the face to all Blacks everywhere . He should have the same birthright as Prince Harry’s brother Prince William’s children. Royal isn’t so royal after all. Kudos to Oprah Winfrey for a eye opening interview on racism among the polite.

Confederate Flag

As a Black American I see the Confederate Flag as a direct threat.

June 7, 1998, James Byrd Jr, a Black man 49 years old, tied to the back of a pick up truck and dragged 3 miles. Who did this? Three white men, white supremacist in jasper, Texas. Byrd was alive for 2 miles then his head and arm were decapitated. They left his head at a Black church. The one of the most gruesome racial motivated crimes in US history. How does this relate to the flag? I imagine that pickup truck going fast down that road with Bryd being dragged as the confederate flag attached to truck waving wildly in the wind as the white men yelped and yelled in their thrill ride.

That’s what the flag means to me.



Some white teenagers are so disrespectful.  Why?  Answer: White privilege!  And loose parenting of white children.  White children are raised to question authority and call elders by their first name. Disrespectful!  I have seen young white adults on vacation acting in this same matter.  The term “ugly Americans” come to mind.  But, just the history of white men and Indians in this country makes the scene look ugly.  Disrespectful act is the tomahawk chant by a crowd of young white boys wearing their badge of membership in the deplorables, “make America great again” hat in support of President Trump.  Those in some of the marginalized groups in this country just shake their head in this climate of racial tension.  It starts at the top is true if our president doesn’t speak out against these actions then it’s accepted.




I took my child to work for “take your kid to work” day.  She is being raised to respect her elders by using a Ms. or Mrs. and Mr.  My boss, vice president, gets on the elevator and I introduce them and she insists my child call her Patty.  Are you serious Patty “with no children”?  She is 9 years old and being raised to call her elders by their proper salutation. This is an important part of Black culture to teach our children to be respectful or it could possibly cost them their life.