Jamie Foxx Hospitalized

Jamie Foxx was hospitalized in April 2023. The media doesn’t know what happen. The Foxx camp is just saying medical emergency and on the road to recovery.

Jamie Foxx

Foxx is such a private person. We are thinking the worst. Was it a heart attack or a stroke? Don’t know. No one is talking. Foxx is such an awesome entertainer. He is only 55 years old but he is also African American. My uncle had a debilitating stroke at that age and never worked again.

We can only send our thoughts and prayers for speedy recovery .


I wonder about all the property that was brutally taken from African Americas early in the 20th century. We know about the towns that African Americas were run out of and/or destroyed for no reason.  Recently, we heard through social media that there are black towns purposely underwater in lakes.  Is this crazy!  There are tons of stories of us being locked out by unknown and untold grievous events.  The early 20th century sanctioned hate brought down on African Americans by white entities was unfair and inhuman.  Below is an interesting story I ran across.  All credit to architecturaldigest.com for this story.

Pacific-Front Parcel Taken From Black Family in 1924 Returned to Rightful Owners

African American descendants of former resort owners have been awarded property now valued at roughly $75 million

By Dan Avery

September 13, 2021

An aerial view of Bruce’s Beach in Manhattan Beach, California. The beachfront property was once a seaside resort owned by Charles and Willa Bruce—a Black couple—which catered to African Americans. Amid the Jim Crow era, the city claimed the property in 1924 through eminent domain and vastly underpaid the couple for the land. Los Angeles County is making plans to return the prime beachfront property, which may be worth $75 million, to Bruce family descendants. Mario Tama

Descendants of a couple who built a beachfront resort for Black families in Los Angeles more than a century ago—only to have it taken away by racist government policies—are finally able to reclaim the land, officials announced Friday. Viewed in today’s frothy real estate terms, the property could be worth roughly $75 million. 

Migrating from New Mexico in the early 20th century, Willa and Charles Bruce were among the first Black people to settle in what would become Manhattan Beach, California. In 1912, they bought two parcels of land on Highland Avenue for less than $2,000 and built a beachfront lodge with a café, dance hall, cabanas, and bathing suit rentals. 

An advertisement in the Liberator, an early 20th-century Black newspaper, announced that the June 17, 1912, opening of Bruce Beach Front would be a “grand affair.”

The lodge is considered the first resort for African Americans on the West Coast, opened at a time when Jim Crow laws barred them from most seashores.

“Wherever we have tried to buy land for a beach resort, we have been refused,” Willa Bruce told the Los Angeles Times in 1912. “But I own this land and I am going to keep it.”

The couple was able to purchase the property because prominent real estate developer George Peck chose to ignore segregation policies in the area and sold land to African Americans, allowing a thriving Black American community to emerge.

A photo of Charles and Willa Bruce is attached to a plaque marking Bruce’s Beach. Mario Tama

Willa handled most of the lodge business as Charles was often out of town working as a railroad dining car chef.

Almost immediately, guests were harassed by white neighbors and members of the Klu Klux Klan, who reportedly slashed the guests’ tires and set fire to a mattress under the main building. Furthermore, fake “10-minute only” parking signs were posted to vex visitors from out of town.

Finally, in 1924, the Manhattan Beach City Council used eminent domain to condemn the Bruces’ lodge, along with other nearby Black-owned properties, and claim the land. The alleged reason was to build a park, but according to a report prepared by the city council, contemporary articles and historical documents indicate the real motive was that “white neighbors resented the resort’s growing popularity and prosperity of its African American owners.”

The families sued, claiming they were the victims of a racially motivated removal campaign. Eventually, the Bruces were awarded $14,500, but their lodge was razed in 1927, and they were unable to re-open anywhere else in Manhattan Beach.In the years that followed, Black families still tried to come to Bruce’s Beach, but police began charging them with trespassing. NAACP members were arrested for holding a “swim-in” in 1927.

Despite the alleged park plan, Bruce’s Beach sat empty for decades. It wasn’t until the 1960s, when officials worried families might sue to regain their land, that an actual park was built on part of the Bruces’ parcel.

In 1948, ownership of the park was ceded to the state, which transferred it to Los Angeles County in 1995 to oversee maintenance. It went through several name changes until it was finally christened Bruce’s Beach Park in 2007, thanks to the efforts of then-mayor Mitch Ward, the only Black elected official in Manhattan Beach history.

For years historians, activists, and Bruce family members have advocated for the return of the land, which is probably worth $75 million today, CNN reported. L.A. County board of supervisors member Janice Hahn became aware of the campaign last year, as the death of George Floyd fueled an overdue radical reckoning across the U.S. Hahn began looking into how to rectify a century-old wrong. “Bruce’s Beach became a place where Black families traveled from far and wide to be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of a day at the beach,” she said in April, when the council announced plans to return the land. 

“The Bruces had their California dream stolen from them,” Hahn said. “And this was an injustice inflicted not just upon Willa and Charles Bruce but on generations of their descendants who almost certainly would have been millionaires if they had been able to keep this property and their successful business.”

The city’s ability to sell or transfer the property was blocked by regulations requiring legislation to change. The California state Senate passed the final vote unanimously on Thursday, the last day of the legislative session, to formally allow L.A. County to return Bruce’s Beach to members of the Bruce family. It’s believed to be the first time that land has been returned to a Black family as reparation for past discrimination. California Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to sign the bipartisan bill. 

“I’m elated, walking on water right now,” Bruce family spokesperson Duane Shepard said Thursday, according to the Daily Breeze. “This is going to be the start of something really big for our people now.”

Manhattan Beach resident Kavon Ward, who had been petitioning for the property’s return, told NBC News she was “ecstatic” over the vote. “I never would have fathomed that this would have happened so quickly. I was prepared to fight for years if not decades.”

Ward believes the property should come with financial reparations too. “They need to pay for the stripping of generational wealth,” Ward told KABC 7 in March. “This family could have been wealthy, they could have passed on wealth to other family members. Manhattan Beach could have been more culturally diverse… There would have been more black people here.”

Today Manhattan Beach is a wealthy enclave on the south shore of Santa Monica Bay, with some of the most expensive real estate in the United States. It’s home to about 35,000 residents, less than 1% of whom are Black. 

The spot where the Bruce family lodge once stood is now home to a lifeguard training station.

Family members have not said whether they will sell the land to developers, lease it back to the county to maintain the lifeguard station, or keep it for themselves.

Juneteenth National Holiday June 19th

I don’t remember being ask about whether I wanted Juneteenth as a holiday. There was a movement to make this happen and I didn’t know. After the televised murder of George Floyd, white people seem to be looking for a way to make it up to us. There are other ways to say “sorry about George” than creating a new “Black” holiday. How about leveling the playing field in education, mass incarceration of our men, and employment. Its difficult being Black in America.

What is the significants of Juneteenth? President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, stating slaves were freed in the rebellious states. He did this in the third year of the civil war. Texas didn’t inform their slaves until General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas delivering General Order No. 3 on June 19, 1865 freeing all slaves. It’s been rumored the first messenger was killed.

General Gordon Granger

The REAL McCoy

May 2, 1844 – Elijah McCoy is born in Colchester, Ontario, Canada. Elijah was the son of fugitive slaves, George and Mildred McCoy from Kentucky who were helped by the Underground Railroad. He will become a master inventor and holder of over 50 patents. He will be the inventor of a device that allows   machines to be lubricated while they are still in     operation. Machinery buyers insisted on McCoy lubrication systems when buying new machines and will take nothing    less than what becomes known as the “real McCoy.” The inventor’s automatic oiling devices will become so universal that no heavy-duty machinery will be considered adequate without it, and the expression becomes part of America culture.

The New Talk without Sharon

I can’t believe this has happened to one of my favorite shows. The Talk on CBS. Another American-style racial moment exploded while I was watching horrified. Sharon Osbourne of the Talk was under fire for her support of Piers Morgan. Piers Morgan said he didn’t believe Prince Harry’s wife was having mental health issues while living in Royal-dom. And, then out of no where the show went left when Sharon turns from being a white woman with power to a racist attacking Sheryl Underwood who is Black. I heard her say, “… don’t you dare cry.”

Sheryl was the typical Black woman in the workplace who can’t loose her cool. Her voice was calm and at the same time consoling. She was trying to bring calm to a volatile attack by a white co-worker. Sharon was demanding to know when her friend Piers Morgan was racist. Maybe Sharon when Meghan make claim that she felt suicidal and got no help from Buckingham Palace, Piers should have stayed silent or shown sympathy instead of racist hatefulness. Then what did Piers say, “… I’m sorry, I don’t believe a word she said, Meghan Markle. I wouldn’t believe it if she read me a weather report.” excerpt from Variety.com – March 17, 2021. Sharon, in my opinion, you should have defended a person right to have mental health issues not the right to call Meghan a liar. Why would anyone deny someone else the compassion and privacy that’s due any human being who’s suffering.

Sharon Osbourne Under Fire

Sharon Osbourne is under fire for supporting her friend Piers Morgan. Piers Morgan has “Mike Vick” himself with obsessive ugliness towards Prince Harry’s wife Princess Meghan. The outrage is over him not believing she had mental health issues while in the royal palace. This is an example of what some Blacks folks think….

John Robert Thompson Jr – Joined the Ancestors ….

John Robert Thompson Jr

In my 30’s, I remember wanting to be with my man on Saturday’s and Sundays. After all, we worked Monday thru Friday and we enjoyed each other’s company on weekend. His idea of being close was watching basketball on Saturday and football on Sunday. After all, you want to be fair and share his interest. That’s when I became a fan of Patrick Ewing and John Thompson.

John Thompson and Patrick Ewing

John Thompson was coach of Georgetown University Hoyas -men’s basketball . And as a young woman my least favorite sport was basketball but I did enjoy watching Hoyas with Patrick Ewing. Coach Thompson stood 6’10” and would stride the side lines during play – coaching.

Another ugly part of 2020 is saying good bye to Phenomenal people during a world pandemic. Large gatherings are forbidden in communities. But, I had to speak about a great man. John Robert Thompson Jr born September 2,1941 died August 30, 2020 at the age of 78. RWG.