John Robert Thompson Jr – Joined the Ancestors ….

John Robert Thompson Jr

In my 30’s, I remember wanting to be with my man on Saturday’s and Sundays. After all, we worked Monday thru Friday and we enjoyed each other’s company on weekend. His idea of being close was watching basketball on Saturday and football on Sunday. After all, you want to be fair and share his interest. That’s when I became a fan of Patrick Ewing and John Thompson.

John Thompson and Patrick Ewing

John Thompson was coach of Georgetown University Hoyas -men’s basketball . And as a young woman my least favorite sport was basketball but I did enjoy watching Hoyas with Patrick Ewing. Coach Thompson stood 6’10” and would stride the side lines during play – coaching.

Another ugly part of 2020 is saying good bye to Phenomenal people during a world pandemic. Large gatherings are forbidden in communities. But, I had to speak about a great man. John Robert Thompson Jr born September 2,1941 died August 30, 2020 at the age of 78. RWG.

Middle School Graduation 2019

I have a middle school-er who will be graduating into high school this June.  But at the moment the most important event is the graduation.  Its made into such a big deal that I barely recognize 8th grade.  Only 5 guest for graduation ceremony.  Who do you leave out.  Does this mean her siblings are invited but both grandparents are not.  Wow.

Well, in reality I would like to give honor and praise to middle school teachers.  These teachers are awesome.  They are getting our shining stars ready for high school and beyond.  Kudos to you who are middle school teachers.

This is a direct quote from a Blogger I follow, Panama Jackson.  He is discussing his experience as a speaker at a middle school where he spoke to 8th and 7th graders and then 6th graders.
As I sat there attempting to talk about being a writer while a class of 27 children looked at me, while yelling amongst themselves like they would have been excited to see me run over by a truck, I thought to myself, there is no way in hell I would sign up to do this job. The people who do it have a level of patience I could never unlock. And I’m not even trying to find that key. I walked out of that building thinking to myself: Freedom!

If you are a middle school teacher, don’t ever let anybody say you aren’t taking one for the team. You’re a saint.

Tupac and I care even if no one else does.

Slow clap for you because you, middle school teacher, are a saint.

~Panama Jackson