Trouble at the Castle

Did you believe the black princess was really acceptable to The Royal family?

I didn’t believe it. American News media were down playing her being mixed. I started wondering what is she mixed with? Spanish, Egyptian or another flavor of excceptable whiteness?

Oprah Winfrey interviews Prince Harry and Meghan

When they finally announce her father was white and her mother was Black, I knew this was going to get ugly. The UK news media are champs at this kind of ugliness. American news media were probably chuckling to themselves.

It’s a sad situation too. The royal family could’ve been heroes in accepting her graciously into the family. Talk the talk and walk the walk. But, now we all know there are ugly parts to the royal family. To say baby Archie will hold no title especially when he was born a prince is a slap in the face to all Blacks everywhere . He should have the same birthright as Prince Harry’s brother Prince William’s children. Royal isn’t so royal after all. Kudos to Oprah Winfrey for a eye opening interview on racism among the polite.

Bill Cosby

I consider Melony McGant a special person whose prose is of the spiritual dimension.  Her reflection of Bill Cosby is profound and worth sharing.

A Reflection on Bill Cosby

Beautiful People,
And as I watch and listen to so many of us Celebrate the Demise of Bill Cosby, I Am Saddened.  His actions of course Were Wrong.
Quiet as it’s kept, so many men in power did the same thing. As a Society We Accepted It.
Now so many are focusing on his sickness for it is a Sickness that Has Long Flourished in many forms throughout the United States and other parts of the World throughout Time.
I have in my life learned to forgive horrible things that happened to me at a young age and to know that no matter what happens, we all get to heal, grow and prosper.
In this Time of Duality…
I pray that we all remember our frailty, our failures and mistakes.
And in doing so, Remember the generous Dr. Bill Cosby who has helped so many achieve their goals and contributed financially when few others would.
This Is My Hope and My Prayer!
 And So It Is With Love!
Always, Melony


The Hustle is REAL

Brought to you by NBPC (National Black Programming Consortium)

Filmmaker Anthony Marshall introduces us to Brooklyn real estate agent and family man Anthony Morris. Marshall highlights the life of a black professional juggling family life and personal aspiration within a demanding industry. Anthony shares the story of a background that was less than ideal but he does not dwell on that. Through a demanding work schedule and family life he seems only focused and determined to attain a personal goal he set for himself. How does a young man in America develop an internal compass which can help drive such determination and focus?

5 Things I like about Family Reunions


5 things I like about Family Reunions

Let me start off by saying I love my family to the point that I am brought to tears when I ponder how wonderful these people are that I share blood membership with.  We have been blessed as a family.  Some families fade out and die off and there are some who don’t care for whatever reason to be part of a larger whole. And, I would like to find all of my relatives and know them all. These are the folks that celebrate your birth and gather to send you heaven bound with roaring confidence of prayer and song.

What I like …

  1. My Uncle’s red jacket. My uncle is usually at the beginning of the soul-train line with his sharp red jacket doing his two-step.  Matter of fact, I think he is at the end too. Love it!
  2. How about those grandparents that watch the kids while you hang out. That shit is priceless! The kids are getting to know each other especially if they live far away and may only see each other at a reunion. With social media, the young adults are staying in touch after the reunion. That’s awesome!
  3. There are memories of those who have gone on to be with the ancestors that we ceremoniously share to keep them alive in our heart. This is always a nice touch at a reunion. And family news is BIG at reunions. Charley got that business up and running and Joyce had another baby and there’s George who got married for the 4th time.  And, who is Uncle Mutt with now?
  4. Old pictures of previous reunions are one of my favorites. Yes, I am looking for “me” in those pics. Was that me at 17 years old? WOW, look at Cousin David at 19years old, thin and trim, not so anymore!  I should talk with my extra 30 following me around all time. LOL
  5. I love seeing family I haven’t seen in years! That’s Primo!  You discover Cousin Junior has changed to be care free in retirement!  Over 40 years of reunions, Cousin Greg makes an appearance for the second time and everyone is excited.  And, can’t forget those ivy leaguers, those who graduated from top colleges, kids in college, and after established careers, are now touring Europe and took a break to stop by the reunion with “love you and miss you” and we feel the same, love you too.