Some white teenagers are so disrespectful.  Why?  Answer: White privilege!  And loose parenting of white children.  White children are raised to question authority and call elders by their first name. Disrespectful!  I have seen young white adults on vacation acting in this same matter.  The term “ugly Americans” come to mind.  But, just the history of white men and Indians in this country makes the scene look ugly.  Disrespectful act is the tomahawk chant by a crowd of young white boys wearing their badge of membership in the deplorables, “make America great again” hat in support of President Trump.  Those in some of the marginalized groups in this country just shake their head in this climate of racial tension.  It starts at the top is true if our president doesn’t speak out against these actions then it’s accepted.




I took my child to work for “take your kid to work” day.  She is being raised to respect her elders by using a Ms. or Mrs. and Mr.  My boss, vice president, gets on the elevator and I introduce them and she insists my child call her Patty.  Are you serious Patty “with no children”?  She is 9 years old and being raised to call her elders by their proper salutation. This is an important part of Black culture to teach our children to be respectful or it could possibly cost them their life.

Racism Alive, Well, Thriving

Racism is alive, well, and living in America.  You can find it in all aspects of Black living.  From the chain grocery stores that operate a little different, the cigarette bill boards and liquor bill boards in Black neighborhoods. Encouraging unhealthy habits, even when you feel you have achieved a better quality of life than your parents there are those moments when you have to remind yourself racism been there all along hiding in the hearts of some white folks.  The work place is another place Blacks encounter racism.

I worked in the IT department and manned help desk calls.  One time, I got a call from a user who was at the executive level , he locked himself out of his computer.  So, he gave me his passwords to his computer and email.  After using the password s ,I fixed his problems and h was the typical  grateful user. But, I felt uneasy and had to go wash my hands.  The hand washing was more than let’s be germ free.  I felt some kind a way about those passwords.  Even in retirement, I wonder what kind of man I worked with when I thought I knew him.

Bigger question why do I still have these passwords?