White People Love Tiger


I just can’t believe the love white folks have for Tiger Woods. Some Black folks don’t feel that way after he denied being Black. When asked by a white co-worker why don’t I like Tiger, I told him that Tiger denied being Black with some vague bull shit. He defended Tiger by saying he was giving honor to his mother’s roots. There you have it, the day a white man decided being 50% Black meant nothing more than being mixed with Asian based on liking the guy. And whites do love Tiger.

Poor Tiger’s career has been in the toilet since his fall from grace. Remember the stripper scandal and his wife hitting him with a golf club and then she left him. He paid dearly for those indiscretions.  He had to go to sex therapy , divorce, 4 back surgeries and undesirable ranking numbers. There are times when you watch someone going through one thing after another and you realize God is working on him.

But today he is a hero again. Yes, the self-described “Cablinasian” (Caucasian, black, (American) Indian and Asian) won the Tour Championship September 24, 2018 to large cheering crowd.  Now, Tiger is ranked 13.

Even-though Tiger doesn’t identify with my Black community as a member I still wish the brotha much success and congratulations on the win.

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