5 Things I like about Family Reunions


5 things I like about Family Reunions

Let me start off by saying I love my family to the point that I am brought to tears when I ponder how wonderful these people are that I share blood membership with.  We have been blessed as a family.  Some families fade out and die off and there are some who don’t care for whatever reason to be part of a larger whole. And, I would like to find all of my relatives and know them all. These are the folks that celebrate your birth and gather to send you heaven bound with roaring confidence of prayer and song.

What I like …

  1. My Uncle’s red jacket. My uncle is usually at the beginning of the soul-train line with his sharp red jacket doing his two-step.  Matter of fact, I think he is at the end too. Love it!
  2. How about those grandparents that watch the kids while you hang out. That shit is priceless! The kids are getting to know each other especially if they live far away and may only see each other at a reunion. With social media, the young adults are staying in touch after the reunion. That’s awesome!
  3. There are memories of those who have gone on to be with the ancestors that we ceremoniously share to keep them alive in our heart. This is always a nice touch at a reunion. And family news is BIG at reunions. Charley got that business up and running and Joyce had another baby and there’s George who got married for the 4th time.  And, who is Uncle Mutt with now?
  4. Old pictures of previous reunions are one of my favorites. Yes, I am looking for “me” in those pics. Was that me at 17 years old? WOW, look at Cousin David at 19years old, thin and trim, not so anymore!  I should talk with my extra 30 following me around all time. LOL
  5. I love seeing family I haven’t seen in years! That’s Primo!  You discover Cousin Junior has changed to be care free in retirement!  Over 40 years of reunions, Cousin Greg makes an appearance for the second time and everyone is excited.  And, can’t forget those ivy leaguers, those who graduated from top colleges, kids in college, and after established careers, are now touring Europe and took a break to stop by the reunion with “love you and miss you” and we feel the same, love you too.

Muhammad Ali Rest With GOD


I’m saddened by the news boxing great, Muhammad Ali died June 3rd.  The man I admired and viewed as a Black activist against the blatant racism that exist in America during his youth and mine.  The white man wanted to break him wanted him to conform to their idea of what a Black man should be. But those who lived during those times found in him a voice and hero. I know I felt that way.  He was going to be his own man with his own religion and it felt great to see what a REAL man looked like and sounded like. Ali fought the white man in the courts and won. And, we Blacks cheered! They hated him because he was loud, boastful and he belong to, what they considered, a renegade religious group known as  the Nation of Islam.  Rest In Peace!

Trump WINS…

Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump waves has he arrives for a campaign rally Monday, Feb. 8, 2016, in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Where I use to work they were going through a renovation and we could have suggestions on the design of our new work space.  Hooray!  But unfortunately, it got out of hand among the boss and one of her employees, not me!  He insisted on a bigger office and the boss said no and thus began the man’s crusade for a couple of inches.  We ended up with a design less adequate for our needs. Why?  Because the boss was taken off her game and was being attack where she was the most vulnerable, resolving conflict.   We went from one office with window for the boss and cubicles for us to everyone had an office and center area was open.  What’s wrong?  Well, where are we going to put our massive amount of equipment and noise?  In the only place left, the center area where it was now necessary to buy a noise barrier because of the  constant loud noise. Someone missed the BIG picture.

Saying all that to say, the Republic Party missed the big picture too.  For the last 8 years they stopped everything they could coming from President Barack Obama.  What happen?  Republicans have control over Congress so why were you not planning for the next election for president?
trumpNow, look what happened.  Trump is the Republican Party’s candidate for president of the United States.   This has been an interesting political season.  The republicans have a candidate that they didn’t want.  I guess that time has come and gone.

Lawd, Lawd They Scared of Trump


This political season is crazy!  The Republican Party is terrified that Donald Trump will be their candidate for president and he is winning.  Lawd, what they going to do!  Well, the news reported that the number 2 candidate – Ted Cruz and number 3 candidate – John Kasich  are plotting against the number 1 candidate – Donald Trump.  Stay tuned for the Republican Convention.  More excitement to come.


Violence between Trump Supporters and Protesters


Is anyone shocked at the violence.  I could see it coming.  When Trump made statements that border on prejudice and racist this was bound to happen.  How can you run for president and not be inclusive?  Geez, I don’t get the logic in stating “I love the poorly educated.”  Who are the poorly educated?  Is this a political correct term?

Trump and His GOP

I can’t believe what is going on in politics.  Especially, the tomfoolery in the republic party. The republics don’t want Donald Trump as the candidate for president of the United States.  They pulled out their big guns with Mitt Romney champing the parties cause.  He has made it clear they don’t want Donald.  But, he is winning.  It takes 1300 delegates and the count so far is Trump – 329 Cruz -231  Rubio -110  Kasick – 25.  We have a ways to go but trump is winning.  Woe is the republican party!trump